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ባንኩ በአዋጅ ቁጥር 97/90 እና 98/90 በተሰጠው ሥልጣን መሠረት ቢሮና መጋዘን በግልጽ ሐራጅ አወዳድሮ መሸጥ ይፈልጋል፡፡

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ሪፖርተር እሑድ ነሐሴ 20 ቀን 2004 ዓ.ም

የሐራጅ ማስታወቂያ

ቁጥር ወጋገን 16/2004

ወጋገን ባንክ አ.ማ. በአዋጅ ቁጥር 97/90 እና 98/90 በተሰጠው ሥልጣን መሠረት ቀጥሎ የቀረበውን ንብረት በግልጽ ሐራጅ አወዳድሮ መሸጥ ይፈልጋል፡፡

ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ለሐራጅ የቀረበ











የንብረቱ አድራሻ የቦታው ስፋት


የባለቤትነት ማረጋገጫሰነድ ቁጥር


የንብረቱ ዓይነት


የጨረታመነሻ ዋጋ ጨረታው የሚከናወንበት




ቀበሌ የቤት


ቀን ሰዓት
1 ማሊማ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማህበር



ማሊማ ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማህበር መሣለሚያ ቡራዩ ወልመራ 01 2328 3100



BUR/266/95 ቢሮና መጋዘን


9,531,746.35 ጳጉሜ






1. ተጫራቾች የጨረታ መነሻ ዋጋ ¼ ኛውን ወይም ሃያ አምስት በመቶ (25%) በባንክ የተረጋገጠ የክፍያ ሠነድ (C.P.O) በማቅረብ ወይም በጥሬ ገንዘብበማስያዝ መመዝገብ ይችላሉ፡፡

2. የጨረታው አሸናፊ ቀሪውን ገንዘብ በ15 (አሥራ አምስት ቀናት ውስጥ አጠናቆ መክፈል ይኖርበታል፡፡ ባይከፍል ግን የሐራጁ ውጤት ተሰርዞ ያስያዘው ገንዘብ አይመለስለትም፡፡ በጨረታው የተሸነፉ ተጫራቾች ያስያዙት ገንዘብ ይመለስላቸዋል፡፡

3. ባንኩ በብድር ፖሊሲው መሠረት የሚጠይቀውን መስፈርት አሟልቶ ለሚቀርብ የጨረታ አሸናፊ ብድር የሚያገኝበትን ሁኔታ ሊያመቻች ይችላል፡፡

4. ንብረቱ በገዢው ስም እንዲዞር ባንኩ ለሚመለከተው መንግሥታዊ አካል ደብዳቤ ይጽፋል፡፡

5. ጨረታው የሚካሄድበት ቦታ ንብረቱ በሚገኝበት አድራሻ ነው፡፡

6. በጨረታ ያሸነፈ ተጫራች 15% (አስራ አምስት በመቶ) ተጨማሪ እሴት ታክስ ባሸነፈበት ዋጋ ላይ ጨምሮ ይከፍላል፡፡

7. ቦታው ለኢንዱስትሪ የተሰጠ የሊዝ ይዞታ ነው፡፡

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Suppliers for fiscal year 2012/13 – Awash International Bank S.c

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Reporter, Sunday August 05, 2012

Awash International Bank s.c

Invitation for Registration

Of Suppliers, Manufacturers and Contractors

For 2012/13 Fiscal Year for Provision of

Goods, Services and Works

1. Awash International Bank S.c would like to register suppliers for fiscal year 2012/13 in the short list. Thus reliable and qualified firms are invited to register for:-

A. Supply of Goods

1. Note/Coin Counting machines (Different size)

2. Type writers (Manual and Electrical)

3. Multi currency detecting machines (Different size)

4. Electrical calculators.

5. Fax machines

6. Fire extinguishers

7. Numbering boards/ Queue Numbering Apparatuses

[